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Delivery and pick up is available on all our rental equipment. We only buy the highest quality equipment and 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Vibratory Soil Compactor

Volvo SD70D - 99 Hp, Single Drum, 66" Combo , 15,750 lbs W/ sheepfoot attachment

Dirt Compactors and Rollers for Rent

Walk Behind Trench Rollers

24" - 36" Trench Roller

Wacker RTLxSC3 - Drum width 32", 3197 lbs, Remote

This compactor is adjustable: 24" – 36" Trench Roller available. This compacter is adjustable.

Walk Behind Dirt earth compactor and roller for Rent

Plate compactor

Multiquip MVC88VTH - 207 lb, 19.7" x 20.7"

Plate Compactor for Rent

Vibratory Rammers

Multiquip MTX70HD - 165 lb, 13.4" x 11.2"

Vibratory Rammers for Rent

Concrete Vibrator

Wacker Internal Vibrator Compactor

Concrete Vibrator for Rent

Water Tank

Water Tank with Trailer

Water Tanks for Rent
Wacker Internal Vibrator Compactor

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